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This is a simple help page to allow people to get the most out of the site. If you have any suggestions/additions to the help section or if you have any questions or are unsure about where to post something, please do not hesitate in emailing me

Advertising on DarkUFO

A number of sites/individuals have been emailing me about advertising on various parts of DarkUFO. There are 3 ways that you can advertise on DarkUFO.

You can sign up for advertising at the links below for the 3 main parts of the site.
If you would like to advertise on other pages, just email me and I'll provide you with a link.

The Feedburner adverts are displayed both on the Web Site (a large graphic ad under the first post of each page) as well as the RSS Feed. For the spoilers section I have over 3500+ people on the feed which means that every post I make can potentially get sent out to 2500+ peoples feed readers. The Homepage has 2500+ readers.

Read More here :

Subscribing to content

The site is split into several areas which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate tabs across the top of the screen. To be kept informed of any new information for a particular section we have provided a RSS feed to deliver new info to you directly.

This allows you to subscribe to that particular pages feed in almost any news/feedreader. This will ensure that new content is delivered straight to you.

You can also be alerted when new comments appear on certain posts. When you are on an individual post there is an icon at the bottom of the post called Subscribe. Whenever a comment is added this will be sent through to your newsreader.

Each post that gets written on the site generates a lot of comments and interesting insights from around the world. If you don't read the comments you could be missing out on a lot of very interesting information.

Section Post Feed Comments Feed Email Subscription
Lost Answers
Lost Audio
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Lost Continuity
Lost DVD
Lost Episode Guide
Lost Forum
Lost Media Mentions
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Lost Mysteries
Lost Polls
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Lost Whispers

Getting your own userid

If you like to comment on the site regularly then I would strongly recommend that you get yourself a free blogger account. This means that you will be logged on whenever you come to this or any other Blogger site. You will also be able to set an Avatar. Sign-up for free here

Viewing Comments

Underneath each post you will either see the comments that have already been made or the number of comments. This depends if you are viewing an individual post or viewing the main page. If you are viewing the main page you will see all posts, and under each post you will see something similar to the image shown.

To view/add a comment click on the Add Comments button. You can also click on a Posts Title to view the existing comments.

Comment Abuse

I am not in the habit of moderating the comments section, however the following will be deleted without warning.

Posts questioning how I run my own site (I'd happy to discuss but please email me)
Posts disparaging other posters
Post contains hate speech (race/religion/sexuality etc.)
Post contains excessive swearing or foul language
Post is obscene / pornographic / indecent
Post contains advertising / spam
Post is a chain letter
The poster is using a copycat username / impersonating someone else
This post contains a spoiler in a non spoiler section
Any post written in ALL CAPS
Any post using excessive shorthand/IM text

If you find a comment that you would like to report, do NOT reply to the comment, simply email me. Anyone responding to a comment is likely to have their post deleted as well. Repeat violations to the above will get you IP BANNED.

Locating information

The quickest way to locate the information you want is to use the Label and Search Features. The Label pulldown is by far the easiest and quickest, just click the pulldown and select the item of information that you require. You can use the very powerful search engine.

Remember that each section on shows 'x' number of posts so use the Previous/Next buttons at the bottom of the screen if you don't find what you want.

You can also click on any of the Labels that are shown beneath a post.

Navigational Icons

At the bottom of each post or screen you will see a number of icons. These will take you to the previous or next post or by clicking on home will take you to the homepage of the section that you are currently viewing.

You can very easily search the section that you are currently in.

To use, you simply enter in your search item and hit Enter or click the Search Button . Your results are then returned on the page as shown below. To close the search results click on the "X" symbol at the top-right hand side. You can also click on the "Web" tab to view full Google Search results across the web.

Widgets for your site

There are 3 Widgets that will allow you to put the Latest News, Spoilers and Screencaps on your own site, blog, Myspace page etc. If you would like any other widgets created from the site please email me at

Get this widget from Widgetbox
Latest News
Get this widget from Widgetbox
Get this widget from Widgetbox

Below are some other nice looking widgets that you can use on your site/myspace/blog/facebook etc. Simply hover over the widget you want to copy and click the "Copy Me" button at the top right of the widget. You can then select the code that you need for your particular system. If there are any other sections that you would like made into a widget, just leave a comment and I'll look at building others.

Getting your site added

Do you have a Lost related website? Well if so there are a number of ways you can get yourself linked in with DarkUFO

1) You can become an Affiliates
2) Get yourself added to the Lost Links Directory
3) Get yourself added to the Lost Google Search Engine

Simply click the appropriate tab (Affiliate, Links, Search) and follow the instructions

Optimized for Firefox

Whilst I try to test the site on all popular browsers, I optimize the site for Mozilla Firefox, IMHO the best browser out there and it's great for blocking all the ads :)

Download Firefox here

Headlines for your site/signature/myspace

Want to post the latest spoilers on your Web site or forum post? Well just copy the code below into your Forum, Signature Website, Myspace etc to get the animated banner which will scroll through the most recent headlines. We have code for Spoilers, Screencaps, Mysteries and News (homepage) currently. If you would like some more please let me know.

Note: The Spoiler one can be found on the Spoilers page as it obviously contains spoilers :)



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LOST Screencaps

Lost Easter Eggs and Screencaps

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LOST Mysteries

Lost Mysteries

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